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AgriWeather provides a comprehensive solution for Microclimate Analysis in Agriculture, combining IoT hardware, software, and data analysis.

Our IoT devices include Field Sensors, Weather Stations, and Time-Lapse Cameras. All devices are waterproof, solar-powered, and connected through a wireless network.

The AgriWeather Cloud Platform offers real-time monitoring of field data from anywhere at any time. We also provide a warning system that helps prevent crop damage. All estimates and suggestions are based on our crop growth stage predictions. By integrating all these functions, we help our customers optimize their management strategies.

With the expertise of agronomists and data analysts, we also address specific agricultural issues for clients through customized experimental design and data analysis services.

To date, about 300 farms in Taiwan use our system, with more than 1000 devices collecting data every 10 minutes. We have built prediction models for over 15 crops and continue to expand our research. Additionally, we have customers in Hong Kong, India, South Africa, and are conducting proofs of concept in Thailand and Malaysia, demonstrating that our services can address agricultural problems globally.

We believe that by providing digital tools tailored to users' needs, we can connect thousands of farmers and transform agriculture into a more transparent and collaborative future.

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AgriWeather Smart Farming System

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Our smart farming solution includes hardware devices, a software platform, and data analytics. Our IoT devices, powered by solar energy and connected through wireless networks, consist of Field Sensors, Local Weather Stations, and Time-Lapse Cameras that gather environmental data and images of crops. By visualizing this data on our cloud platform, users can better understand the environmental conditions and status of their crops. Additionally, our data analytics provide users with crop growth stage estimations, stress alerts, and tailored solutions for individual crop issues. Our team combines agronomic expertise with new technologies to address existing challenges and enhance agricultural efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. Our smart farming solution can improve farming practices and help meet the increasing demand for sustainable and high-quality produce.

Product Solutions

We have successfully implemented our smart farming solution for several clients, including an organic pomelo farm in Hualien, Taiwan. After researching the soil type and characteristics of the pomelo crop, we determined an appropriate irrigation range and divided the three-hectare farm into several zones. Soil moisture sensors were deployed in each zone, triggering the irrigation system when moisture levels fell below the designated range. In 2022, our solution helped the farm conserve 97.5% of water and increase the production of high-quality products by 20%.

Another notable case is our collaboration with a well-known wholesaler and consumer cooperative in Taiwan, which was concerned about the potential harm of nitrate in vegetables to human health. They requested a solution to produce low-nitrate vegetables and to educate farmers on the method. Our team studied the factors affecting nitrate accumulation in plants, designed an experiment, and incorporated IoT devices to collect data for analysis. Based on the collected data, we developed a method for producing low-nitrate vegetables that satisfied the client's requirements.

Our smart farming solution integrates agronomic knowledge with new technologies, addressing specific agricultural issues to improve efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. By combining hardware devices, a software platform, and data analytics, we enable farmers to collect and analyze critical environmental data, leading to more informed decision-making and improved crop quality.

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