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Earthgen Technology was established by the NCKU Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2017. We apply drone technology to replace human labor in pesticide application.

Currently, we operate from seven locations across Taiwan and serve customers nationwide. We have also expanded our export business recently, selling our drones to Europe and Africa, with plans to further extend our reach worldwide. In addition to selling agricultural drones, Earthgen Tech has developed a UAV management system and a platform that connects drone pilots with customers. We aim to continue addressing labor shortages in agriculture and to advance toward precision agriculture.

Product Name

EG5 Plus 30L Earthgen Tech Agricultural Drone

Product Info

The EG5 Plus is one of the latest agricultural drone models from Earthgen Tech, designed for large-scale farming operations overseas.

It features a 30L spray tank and a 40L seed spreader, equipped with an IPX7 power system and a wind-resistant design to withstand tough farming conditions.

With automatic flight and obstacle avoidance systems, it can cover 12-15 hectares of farmland in one hour, saving time and resources. Each drone is made in Taiwan and can be customized to meet individual customer needs, making it a reliable and high-quality investment for any farming business.

Product Solutions

Using agricultural drones is 20 times faster than human labor, produces 30% less pollution, and can protect workers from poisoning. This technology helps increase efficiency and yield rates.

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