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Since 2016, we have been committed to developing products tailored to Taiwan's agricultural environment, aiming to improve the agricultural production environment and upgrade field equipment.

We concentrate on the agricultural sector and strive to introduce more intelligent products and services to enhance the agricultural environment, making agricultural production easier and more efficient.

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We possess various unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies essential for smart agriculture, delivering precise and reliable data through professional agricultural image analysis.

We help you effectively manage field production, reduce losses, cut costs, and boost profits.

Whether you need farm inspections, crop monitoring, crop calculations, material application, soil assessment, irrigation management, pest detection, or agricultural insurance, our services are designed to meet your needs.

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Do you want to introduce drones to aid in field management, or have you already implemented them but are still struggling to see significant results?

With the advancement of smart agriculture in recent years, many farms have started using drones to manage crops. However, the operation and maintenance of drones can often be challenging. Additionally, hiring professional pilots and image analysts is often difficult and expensive.

To address these issues, we launched "Dronelution." We possess professional multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAV flight technology, advanced equipment, and extensive experience in image analysis. We also have relevant agricultural knowledge, which can help you successfully obtain the information you need and improve crop production management efficiency, allowing you to focus on field crop management.

If you are eager for more professional and comprehensive field crop information, try "Dronelution" now! It will be the right assistant for your field management needs.

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