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About Company

Phansco is a deep-tech company focused on innovative spectroscopic technology for human health and agricultural carbon credits.

We offer a world-leading solution for rapid spectroscopic detection, capable of instant inspection and real-time data output at the field side. We have invested in our own nano-structure technology development and manufacturing for chemical analysis of food safety and have obtained many valuable invention patents.

Starting in 2023, we began expanding into the global market, specifically targeting South Asian countries.

Product Name

Raman Appatatus of Pesticide Identified Detector

Raman Spectrometer Module

Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopic Substrate

Preutreatment kits

Product Info

1. Portable and traceable

2. Can operate in the field-side

3. Instant inspection and real-time report output

4. Data in cloud platform

5. rapid inspection within 15 minutes.

Product Solutions

real-time detection in the field-side, and traceable control in the early stage.

Precide and rapid inspection with semi-qualitative control to government regulation.

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