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Aeon Matrix develops smart irrigation and control solutions.

For residential and commercial applications, our Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controller is certified by the US EPA WaterSense, designed to save both water and labor.

For agriculture, aquaculture, and many other industries, our Yardian Max multifunctional smart controller integrates with relays and sensors for various applications. By utilizing environmental and sensor data innovatively, our technology can save you time, energy, and labor.

Product Name

Precision Irrigation System Based On Accumulated Solar Radiation

Product Info

Aeon Matrix's brand new Yardian Max multifunctional smart controller, combined with Apogee's solar sensor (pyranometer) and the unique "Conditional Program," provides a solution for precise irrigation based on accumulated solar radiation.

Product Solutions

Users can easily specify parameters based on local sunlight conditions, irrigation systems, and crop-growing stages through a web browser or smartphone app. Both our controller and solar sensor come with 4-year warranties. The system operates locally without relying on an internet connection, encrypting and saving data locally. Remote control and monitoring are possible when an internet connection is available. This smart and precise irrigation system greatly reduces water usage, labor costs, and potential crop damage due to overwatering or insufficient irrigation.

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