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About Company

Amber Nanotech Co., Ltd. was established by a group of Taiwan's senior semiconductor technicians devoted to using the latest nanotechnology into various industries:

(1)Nano Fertilizer in Smart Agriculture & to upgrade traditional agricultural products to healthy food level & improve farmers' earning.

(2)As well Nano products for Medical device industry.

Company strength: 

1. Products in Smart Agriculture: Brand name as "SUPEROSELEN"

(1) Functional Fertilizer(Nano Fertilizer: Rich in selenium and trace element micronutrients.

      (1-1)To improve crop growth.

      (1-2)To enhance people’s health through the consumption of selenium-rich crops.

(2) Pesticide reduction materials:

(3) High Efficiency Fertilizers

2. Strong R&D: Our team includes 2 PhDs and 2 external PhD consultants, including a German professor & a Taiwan professor.

3. Professional Lab & Factory: Located in Taoyuan City and equipped with high-tech equipment.

Summary: Amber Nanotech Co., Ltd. would continually apply High-tech to upgrade traditional Agriculture .

Product Name

Products in Smart Agriculture: Brand name as "SUPEROSELEN"

1. Functional Fertilizer(Nano Fertilizer)serial: Rich in selenium and trace element micronutrients to improve crop growth & to enhance people’s health through the consumption of selenium-rich crops.

(1-1)Power Se #1

(1-2)Power Se #2

(1-3)Power Se #3

(1-4)BST Se Complex Fertilizer


2. Pesticide reduction materials serial:


(2-3) Defend X 

(2-4) ChitaVine 

(2-5) StrawHard

(2-6) RootVital   

(2-7) Limonene                 

3.  High Efficiency Fertilizers serial:




Product Info

Three Main fertilizers Product categorizes:

1. Functional fertilizers: Nutrition in plants with rich selenium, providing trace elements to improve people's anti-oxidation, immunity and overall health.

(1). Power Se #1: Improves plant photosynthetic efficiency.

(2). Power Se #2: Enhances plant root development and heat resistance.

(3). Power Se #3: Increases cracking resistance and firmness of fruits.

(4). BST Se Complex Fertilizer (Selenium-Chitosan Complex): Improves stress tolerance, nutrient uptake, and nematode control. Boosts plant growth, activates plant cells, enhances soil microbial environment, improves crop quality and yield, enhancing agricultural competitiveness.

(5).  SelenExcel: To Increase soil selenium concentration

2. Pesticide reduction materials serial:

(2-1)NimGuard:control aphids, thrips,mealybugs, whiteflies, and Lepidoptera larvae due to the active aterial –Azadirechtin., which can directly kill small inssects (such as whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, aphids, mites).

(2-2)MitesClear:to achieve insect-repelling effects by dissolving the epidermal wax of insects.

(2-3) Defend X: Effectively controls the occurrence of disease, downy mildew and powdery mildew. Also improves plant health and makes it easier to control other diseases.

* Increases the production of natural fungicides (phytoalexins) within plants,so that plants are able to develop

systemic disease resistance capabilities from within.

(2-4) ChitaVine :Induce disease resistance in plants. This product induces the synthesis and activation of chitinase glucan hydrolase and PR proteins within plant cells This is effective in preventing damage from pests

and diseases such as fungus, bacteria, and insects

(2-5) StrawHard: Increase stem strength of rice and other grass crops to avoid prostrating 

(2-6) RootVital :     Cinnamon, camellia seed, and geranium extracts effectively prevent harm from underground nematodes. Early use can reduce the risk of infestation   

(2-7) Limonene:  12% Orange Essential Oil is a bio-pesticide based on the botanical active substance

orange oil

3.  High Efficiency Fertilizers serial:


*Fulvic acid: A type of humic acid which is highly water soluble and has a lower molecular weight. It is a highly active organic acid which strengthens plant utilization and absorption of nutrients and trace elements.

* Seaweed extract: Rich in alginic acid,seaweed polysaccharides, amino acids and trace elements, this assists in the development of root systems and growth of new shoots.

(3-2)AminoRich:contains abundant plant-based and animal-based peptides,amino acids, and boasts a high organic

content, which can enhance the organic matter levels in the soil.


*Rich in various trace elements, this product supplies the nutrients needed for the development of root systems.

* Enhances fruit quality, flavor and sweetness

* Improves growth quality, foliar thickness, and production volume of crops.

Product Solutions

Amber's Nano-Technology Fertilizers could provide below benefits:

1.Functional fertilizers: Nutrition in plants with rich selenium, providing trace elements to improve people's anti-oxidation, immunity and overall health. The following are six functions of selenium (Source: Common Health):

(1-1). Promote Metabolic Health: 

(1-2). Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease:  

(1-3). Maintain Thyroid Function: 

(1-4). Maintain Skin Health:  

(1-5). Prevent Osteoporosis: 

(1-6). Enhance the Immune System:  

2.Pesticide reduction materials serial: To help reduce Pesticide & provide more safer plants.

3.High Efficiency Fertilizers serial: To overcome low absorption rate of tradition type of Fertilizers.Our Fertilizers are with much higher absorption rate.

Summary: Amber's Nano-Technology Fertilizers could provide better & effective & value added solutions to most agricultural products. To help Farm & Farmers to increase their income by healthier & better quality products.

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