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Avilon Group: Pioneering Automated Drone Solutions

Avilon Group is a leading provider of automated multirotor drone systems designed to empower businesses across various sectors. Headquartered in Taiwan (Avilon Intelligence Co., Ltd.) with a subsidiary in Thailand (Avilon Robotics Co., Ltd.), Avilon offers a unique blend of hardware, software, and data analysis expertise. This integrated approach transforms drones into powerful data collection tools, tailored to specific business needs.

Avilon distinguishes itself by developing all core components of its drone systems in-house – hardware, software, and data analysis capabilities. This self-reliance allows for highly customized solutions that address diverse industry challenges. Additionally, Avilon fosters strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Qualcomm, Compal, and Wave-In, gaining a competitive edge in chip technology and drone communication systems.

Avilon Intelligence, established in 2017 by graduates from the National Cheng Kung University's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, forms the core of Avilon's technological innovation. Recognized as Taiwan's first company specializing in indoor drones, Avilon Intelligence boasts extensive experience in a wide range of applications, including aerial photography and cargo transport. The team's robust R&D capabilities and commitment to innovation translate into stable, reliable, high-performance drone platforms.

Backed by a comprehensive global service system and a strong presence in both Taiwan and Thailand, Avilon Group is dedicated to advancing drone technology and expanding its market reach. As a leader in the UAV industry, Avilon remains committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge drone solutions, propelling operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Product Name

Photon: Autonomous Drone Solutions for Indoor Operations

AXON: Autonomous Drone Solutions for Inspection

Product Info

Revolutionize Indoor Inspection with Photon

Avilon Intelligence's Photon redefines indoor operations and inspections with its cutting-edge autonomous drone solution. Photon surpasses traditional GPS-reliant drones by utilizing advanced camera-based navigation systems, achieving a precision level of less than 10 cm. This eliminates the need for expensive indoor positioning infrastructure and ensures safe, precise navigation within complex warehouse environments. AI-powered obstacle detection further enhances safety through effective collision avoidance and faster response times.

Photon's automated capabilities streamline inventory management and enable lightning-fast, error-free inventory audits with RFID, QR code & barcode detection. Designed for seamless integration, Photon connects to existing warehouse management systems (WMS) via API, offering real-time inventory tracking and eliminating manual labor.

Photon requires minimal initial investment and boasts customizable service plans to cater to diverse operational needs without requiring structural modifications. Robust design featuring high-tech image processing and secure communication systems ensures reliable performance and high data security under various indoor conditions.

AXON: Intelligent Inspection for Any Environment

AXON is Avilon Intelligence's high-precision drone solution designed for diverse inspection tasks. Advanced camera navigation and AI-powered obstacle detection ensure safe, meticulous data collection across various environments. Real-time data upload and analysis empower immediate decision-making. Remote fleet management, powered by Azure's global network, guarantees reliable connectivity, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risk by reducing human presence in hazardous areas.

Target Domains and Applications include

- Firefighting and Rescue: Search and rescue, civilian security

- Power Plant Inspection: Solar panel and electric tower

- Indoor Warehouse Management: Factory inspections, inventory checks, pipeline inspections

- Military and Defense (Indoor): Micro reconnaissance

Product Solutions

AI-Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Capable of autonomously performing inventory checks, Photon minimizes the need for manual counting, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as high shelving. This reduces physical strain on employees and improves operational efficiency. With AI-powered collision avoidance and advanced imaging, Photon ensures safe, precise indoor navigation and data collection for worry-free operation.

High-Precision Inventory Management

Equipped with advanced camera navigation, Photon performs safely and precisely within warehouses, enabling real-time data acquisition through RFID, QR code & barcode detection. This improves inventory accuracy, especially in dense storage environments. Photon can easily integrate with existing warehouse management systems via API, enhancing real-time data accessibility and reducing manual inventory checks.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Photon requires minimal upfront investment and offers customizable service plans, making it suitable for a wide range of storage environments and business sizes.

Operational Transparency

Through an online control platform, managers can watch real-time flight videos of the drones, increasing operational transparency and enabling timely adjustments to inventory management strategies.

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