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About Company

EMMT provides a comprehensive range of design and manufacturing services for ODM/OEM customers, including SMT, PCBA, and system integration. Additionally, EMMT offers IoT solutions under the "eSAFE" brand for the industrial and medical fields. Our in-house platform design capability enables EMMT to integrate various types of sensors into a single eSAFE dashboard, facilitating easy access to information on one page for managers. Furthermore, the eSAFE platform's alert system allows users to set notifications based on different demands. Our commitment to user-friendly design and the ability to customize solutions forms the core value we offer to our customers.

Product Name

1. Multi environmental sensor 
2. ESAFE platform 
3. AI Fence 
4. Tracibility system 
5. Warehouse management system 

Product Info

1. Integrated platform to compatible with different type of IOT sensors. Allows managers to read data on one platform/page.

2. Customization allowed to adopt different requirements/challenges from time to time. (ex. Industry 4.0, ESG, AI)

Product Solutions

1. To use in harsh environment, keep worker safety

2. Save employees' time from regular facility/machine/equipment check

3. Data store automatically on ESAFE platform, also can export data record.

4. Time saving: SPIM to help medical pills/tablets inventory check

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