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About Company

Fang Ji International was founded by a group of experienced logistics teams in 2014. Our team members had worked in the warehouse for over 750 outlets for seven-eleven in the great Taipei area.

Besides the experience of retailed business, we also have provided our logistic service to clients from different areas, such as clothing, furniture, shoes, etc.

The warehouse management system provided by us is completely customized. Unlike the other systems, we use the knowledge and experience of the logistics to set the working flow and make the warehouse process run efficiently.

We have strong confidence that we can provide the best solution for logistics to each client. Please allow us to become a partner with you and power your business to the next level.

Product Name

  • Total Logistic Solution

    1. Operation Planning

    2. Customized WMS

    3. Warehouse Layout Planning

    4. Data Analysis

    Product Info

    • 1. Operation Planning

      Does your warehouse have issues like long working hours or a mistake that happened easily? Whether revising the current operation or planning a whole new project, we can provide the best solution for you.

          • 2. Customized WMS

          Are you still using ERP or package software to manage your warehouse? We provide customized WMS for you as your command. 

            • 3. Warehouse Layout Planning

            Do you have a new warehouse and have no idea how to set the layout? You will have the most efficient space utilization with the planning made by our experienced team.

                4. Data Analysis

                  Our team will run the data analysis from time to time.  Based on the result, we will inform or suggest to our clients what to notice.  All the data is confidential and only used for warehouse operation analysis reasons.

                  Product Solutions

                  1. Professional Management of Logistics

                  We provide professional management, including expiry date control, picking efficiently, auditing for picking, daily stock take, daily closing, and more. Your inventory is easier to check with our customized searching filters and inventory searching function.

                  2. Customized Features

                  We understand that each client or business has its own management model. Therefore, we will send our professional logistic team to understand the difficulties of our client and the operation flow on-site. That's why we can provide a completely customized WMS to our clients.

                  3. CCTV Control

                  Our WMS has complied with CCTV, when users do the auditing, they scan the barcode to confirm the item and the quantity is correct. The whole process will be recorded by our CCTV. The footage can be searched by the users whenever they need it.

                  4. Various Reports

                  Every daily operation data will be stored in our database. It allows the user to search for any data based on their needs. These data or reports can help the administrator to improve the warehouse performance. We can provide various reports in WMS as per the requirements.

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