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Systems & Technology Corp. (S&T) has been a leader in the industrial telematics market for over 30 years, developing innovative GPS trackers and the tracking platform ""Fleetweb."" S&T specializes in fleet management and logistic solutions for a variety of sectors, including bus fleets, truck fleets, car sharing, and more. In Taiwan, major customers include 7-eleven, FamilyMart, Gogoro, school buses, and rehabilitation buses. S&T develops its own hardware and software and has deployed a distributor network worldwide in more than 100 countries. Additionally, S&T has established a subsidiary in Japan and a joint venture organization in Malaysia.

Systems & Technology Corp. (S&T) collaborates with a diverse ecosystem of complementary partners, including hardware manufacturers, design companies, system integrators, solution providers, and software developers.

Product Name

Vehicle Tracker

Product Info

Hardware: The U series, including U1+, U1lite+, Ucan, Ugo, UC1, and UA1, features integrated GPS and 4G/3G/2G communication capabilities. This technology enables comprehensive tracking of vehicle data, such as position, speed, and CAN data.

Software: Our offerings include Intelli Fleet Management and Fleet Mobile apps, designed to enhance operational efficiencies and provide real-time data access.

Product Solutions

Our products and solutions include fleet management, logistics, car sharing, cold chain transportation, and school bus services. All our solutions are designed to reduce operational costs and enhance safety.

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