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SmartChip Microelectronics Corp. (SMC) is a leading semiconductor company specializing in the design and development of innovative system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for a broad range of applications. Established in 1995, the company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and maintains additional offices and facilities in Shenzhen, China. SMC's dedication to independent research and development is evident in its team of skilled engineers and scientists who continuously work to design and optimize cutting-edge SoC solutions. The company's products are extensively utilized in mobile communications, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and IoT devices.

SMC employs an effective marketing and sales strategy that allows it to serve customers globally. Products are distributed via a network of authorized distributors and sales agents primarily in Asia, emphasizing long-term client relationships.

The company's commitment to international standards and certifications, such as ISO 9001, supports its global presence. SMC provides a variety of RFID solutions, including LF, HF chips, and readers. Collaborating with leading manufacturers like NXP and ST, SMC also offers customized solutions for unique application scenarios.

In logistics, SmartChip Microelectronics leverages over three decades of RFID/NFC expertise, providing chips, tags, and reader/modules for applications such as livestock management, personnel access control, charging station identity authentication and payment systems, smart motorcycle locks, and public exchange cabinet locks, utilizing advanced RFID technologies.

SMC's role as an IC design house distinguishes it from competitors by allowing the provision of tailored solutions that align closely with client needs, ensuring competitive pricing. Our commitment to technological advancement in BLE, WIFI, and NFC positions us to exceed IoT expectations consistently. By offering a suite of customizable applications and keeping pace with technological trends, SMC not only meets but often surpasses customer demands.

Overall, SmartChip Microelectronics Corp. stands as a leader in the semiconductor industry, driven by innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With robust R&D capabilities, effective marketing and sales strategies, and adherence to international standards, SMC is poised for ongoing growth and success.

Product Name

  1. Smart Label Anti-counterfeit for Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Smart Label Anti-counterfeit for the Wine & Spirit Industry

Product Info

The SMC Smart Label marks a new era in product authentication and traceability with its advanced features. Utilizing NFC technology, it enables consumers to easily access traceability information through their NFC-enabled smartphones. The URL & ID authentication mechanism confirms product authenticity, offering reassurance to consumers and effectively combating counterfeit goods.

Featuring a secure open-and-broken mechanism, the Smart Label prevents the recycling and cloning of labels. Through a smartphone app, users can determine if the seal has been tampered with, thereby enhancing product security and authenticity verification.

Integrated with smartphone capabilities such as Apple App Clips, the Smart Label does away with the need for traditional apps, facilitating a frictionless user experience. Consumers can effortlessly verify product authenticity and access transparent product information.

The Smart Label also offers exclusive brand services, presenting the world's only customizable URL + DI authentication label that cannot be replicated or altered. It ensures a positive consumer experience by providing instant access to product identity and logistic history.

With secure NFC communication between the bottle and smartphone, coupled with the URL & DI authentication mechanism, the Smart Label ensures product authenticity. Users receive authenticity confirmation notifications and can view tamper status, identity, and logistic history directly on their smartphones by simply tapping the Smart Label. Overall, the SMC Smart Label transforms product authentication and traceability, offering consumers unparalleled confidence and transparency in their purchases.

Product Solutions

The SMC Smart NFC Label offers an innovative solution to combat counterfeiting and ensure product authenticity across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and tea. Traditional NFC labels have limitations regarding cost, traceability, and vulnerability to tampering, which leave products susceptible to counterfeit activities and compromise consumer safety.

In contrast, the SMC Smart NFC Label provides a cost-effective and highly secure solution priced below $0.10 per label. With no data length limitation, set by the backend, this label offers unparalleled traceability, allowing for comprehensive tracking of product origin and distribution channels. Leveraging NFC technology, the label integrates seamlessly into supply chain management systems, facilitating efficient logistics and inventory management.

Additionally, the tamper-detection feature enhances product security, making forgery nearly impossible. Authenticity is assured through a unique URL & UID mechanism, instilling consumer confidence in product legitimacy. Unlike standard NFC labels that may lead users to counterfeit websites, the Smart NFC Label directs consumers to verified sources, safeguarding their trust and loyalty to the brand.

The versatility of the SMC Smart NFC Label makes it ideal for a range of applications, from anti-counterfeiting in pharmaceuticals to authentication of alcoholic beverages, verification of tobacco products, and tracking the origin of tea leaves. By addressing the challenges of cost, traceability, and authenticity, the Smart NFC Label provides a comprehensive solution to combat counterfeiting and ensure consumer safety across various sectors.

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