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Smiling Elements International Corporation is a bicycle brand dedicated to blending aesthetics, sustainability, and innovative e-bike technology. Our team is passionate about life, art, and technology, viewing bicycles not merely as a form of exercise but as a pursuit of a better life. We boast world-class bicycle-making techniques, have successfully collaborated with local manufacturers, and have received high recognition and support from over 20 countries and numerous brands.

Key milestones of our company include:


We offered comprehensive ODM/OEM services, secured trademark rights for the EXTRA+ brand in Italy, and became its Asian agent.

This period was marked by recognition from premium brands in Europe and America.


We focused on research and development, partnering with Urban Drivestyle in Germany to create the Unimoke MK and develop the unique daily electric bike miniu for the Asian market.


We expanded our retail stores and continued to extend a franchise chain in Taiwan and established agent partnerships in Japan and Europe with physical stores to enhance customer experience. We also continuously optimized our products based on consumer feedback, establishing ourselves as a benchmark brand in the electric bike market.

Our company's unique selling points include in-house research and development capabilities, partnerships with local manufacturers, and a strong focus on brand management and promotion. We have established a global presence and influence.

Product Name

Unimoke MK

Product Info

The Unimoke MK is a unique electric retro chromoly steel bike, inspired by the 1960s minibike design, offering personalized options. It features a one-touch start, 9-speed power assistance, and a Shimano 7-speed gear transmission to easily handle uphill rides. The 4.2kg lithium battery provides a power assist range of 45-65km and is easily removable for charging. Equipped with various accessories like a phone holder, headlight, and front rack, it supports up to 150kg, making it highly practical. Perfect for both city commuting and outdoor adventures, the Unimoke MK is the best choice for short-term commute mobility, providing an unparalleled riding experience.

Product Solutions

We are revolutionizing the world of transportation with a vision to create a professional, durable, comfortable, and high-performance electric bicycle. Featuring an extended saddle and a comfortable child seat, the robust structure supports a high load capacity. This innovation expands the possibilities of what can be achieved on two wheels, breaking down long-standing barriers in cycling as a sport.

Our goal is to enhance people's lives by making transportation more enjoyable and accessible. Through unique cross-border, multi functional concepts, we are re-imagining and redefining the relationship between micro-transport and humans.

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