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ALL Vision Co., Ltd. is an equipment manufacturer specializing in inspection software. Our product range encompasses automated measurement machines, intelligent inspection cameras, and advanced inspection AI software. Our team possesses extensive experience and technical expertise, enabling us to meet customers’ specific inspection needs and product requirements. We provide customized testing software and equipment to enhance our customers' production efficiency and competitiveness, reduce labor costs, and minimize the production of non-conforming products. We are committed to maintaining technological innovation and R&D investment, continuously enhancing product performance and meeting market demands. Our automated control systems and intelligent monitoring with fault warning functions have secured a strong position in the equipment market.

Product Name

ALL Vision Measurement 3020 Standard

Product Info

The non-contact measurement system features a user-friendly operation mode, facilitating ease of use for new operators. It can replace traditional methods required for measuring heights or parts that are challenging to measure with 2.5D equipment, thereby enhancing the completeness of the user's measurement system.

Product Solutions

1.Address Labor Shortage: This solution effectively tackles the issue of labor shortages and high turnover rates, significantly reducing manpower requirements.

2.Enhance Product Yield: By standardizing programs and parameters for processing, manufacturing, and screening, not only is product quality improved, but output is also stabilized.

3.Reduce Production Costs: Utilize a standardized model to decrease costs associated with automating production lines.

4.Real-time Information: Monitor production assignments, program transfers, and equipment maintenance records/reminders in real-time. This comprehensive visibility into manufacturing site operations is crucial for managers to efficiently allocate personnel resources.

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