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DOD Dashcam is an advanced technology company dedicated to automotive safety, offering high-quality products to enhance driver experiences and ensure road safety. With a solid research and development team, we continuously innovate to meet evolving market demands. Our diversified marketing and sales approach includes B2B, online sales, retail partnerships, and direct sales to ensure broad product coverage and effective market penetration. Additionally, we prioritize collaborations with major e-commerce platforms and physical stores to boost brand awareness and product sales.

Operating both domestically and internationally, DOD Dashcam has established an extensive network spanning multiple countries and regions worldwide. We actively expand into international markets, strengthening partnerships with overseas agents and channel partners to enhance our brand's competitiveness globally.

Product Name

DOD T-one (3/Y) 1440p GPS Mirror Camera

Product Info

Introducing the world's first Tesla-exclusive Mirror Camera, poised to redefine your driving experience. With Independent dual-separate front and rear camera setup, 2K Clear Wide Vision, and WiFi Transmission, it eradicates blind spots and offers a comprehensive rear view. The 2K resolution ensures clarity for monitoring rear traffic, while real-time front and rear recordings capture your journeys. Built-in WiFi enables instant browsing, and advanced AI archive technology ensures seamless power-off storage, preserving footage for complete peace of mind on the road.

Product Solutions

T-one is designed for use with Tesla (3/Y) models, addressing blind spots in the rear view. It features a boot-shaped electronic rearview mirror tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles, seamlessly integrating into the interior design. Additionally, it resolves the issue of continuous power consumption and recording by conventional electronic rearview mirrors after Tesla shutdown.

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