About Company

     Vacron has been in the surveillance industry for more than three decades and continues to learn from it. We have served more than ten thousand groups of customers, with our customer base spread across approximately 80 countries in Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, and Europe.

     Our products—from R&D and manufacturing to software and hardware integration—are all handled in-house. This process not only effectively controls quality but also meets the requirements of various custom projects.

Product Name

GMS (Global Management System)


Product Info

     GMS (Global Management System) will display all images of the surveillance device on the same web page for monitoring. It could be applied to various situations and in-vehicle devices, available to be equipped with 500 devices at the same time, and able to be monitored by mobile devices.

     The system is also a customizable, easy-to-operate management back-end for all kinds of businesses, providing the best surveillance management solution for enterprises with just one single system.


     VVN-CBE65A, an MDVR suitable for various vehicles and dash cameras. It is equipped with dual front and rear cameras to record the interior and the roadside situation at the same time. 

     The product also has AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions for advanced application and detection.

Product Solutions

     A management solution for fleets of smaller scale. From MDVR, dash cameras to the back-end system, every component is designed and manufactured by VACRON, providing a complete set of management systems with stability and consistency.

     Real-time information and driving situations of all vehicles can be monitored from the backend, and together with the AI technique, providing promoted vehicle security and finer efficiency in fleet management. 

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