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LongGood is revolutionizing the digital transformation of rehabilitation. We create digital rehabilitation content for patients and the elderly, facilitating consistent and intensive rehabilitation in healthcare facilities and homes. Additionally, our platform provides objective data that assists physicians, therapists, and caregivers in monitoring conditions scientifically and efficiently.

The LongGood Digital Rehabilitation System is so effective that over 100 healthcare institutions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand use it to treat their patients.

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LongGood Digital Rehabilitation System

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The LongGood Digital Rehabilitation System incorporates AI motion sensing and analysis techniques to facilitate telemedicine and precision medicine. This system transforms traditional rehabilitation by including evaluation tools and AR interactive training programs. During evaluations or training sessions, body movements are recorded and converted into objective data. This data allows for the visualization and analysis of training outcomes. It assists therapists in prescribing precise treatments and motivates patients to continue their rehabilitation.

Product Solutions

The demand for rehabilitation services from patients and elders significantly exceeds the availability of rehabilitation therapists, resulting in long waiting lists and reduced service frequency for each patient. This is especially problematic for patients with severe diseases who may not receive adequate rehabilitation treatment during the critical treatment period, adversely affecting their recovery. Moreover, following the onset of diseases, patients may find it challenging to seek rehabilitation due to limited mobility and reduced independence. This can lead to decreased willingness to pursue medical treatment and rehabilitation, particularly for those in suburban or rural areas where medical resources are scarce, and the burdens of long-distance travel and transportation costs are substantial.

LongGood Digital Rehabilitation provides digital content that transcends the limitations of time and space. It enables physicians, therapists, and caregivers to deliver rehabilitation services remotely rather than requiring side-by-side care. As a result, the volume of services can be efficiently increased.

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