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CoCoTree is currently dedicated to enhancing the circular economic value of forests through technological solutions. Leveraging digital technology, combined with deep learning and image processing techniques, to provide comprehensive and accurate forest management information.

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CoCoTree Technology inventories of both public and private forest lands, quantifying forest information and offering highly professional solutions.

 - Assists businesses in achieving ESG and sustainable development goals while

 - Facilitating effective forest resource management to enhance both environmental and economic value. 

 - Detects trends in natural assets through precise measurements.

 - Reduce costs and cultivate high-value forests.

Product Solutions

 - Forest Inventory: Utilizing technology for monitoring, and periodic inventorying of public and private forest lands helps clients understand the health status and resource distribution of forests.

 - Quantifying Forest Information: Provides clients with highly accurate forest information, including tree growth conditions, ecosystem changes, etc. Quantitative data can be used to assess ESG indicators, maximizing the sustainability benefits for companies.

  - Wildfire hotspots: Develop a forest fire prevention plan and identify wildfire hotspots.

 - High-Quality Environmental Management: Committed to providing comprehensive solutions, assisting businesses in establishing a high-quality environment while achieving sustainable development goals.

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