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1. Founded in 1991, EMS is the leading smart water meter manufacturer in Taiwan, holding the highest market share at over 90%.

2. With more than 33 years of research and innovation, EMS has developed smart water meters and communication interfaces. These advancements have been recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and various smart metering solutions have earned the Taiwan Excellence Award for eight consecutive years.

3. With the advent of IoT concepts, EMS has integrated advanced communication technologies such as 4G, NB-IoT, and LoRaWAN into its smart water meters. This integration provides comprehensive smart water services to water utilities, industrial parks, smart buildings, schools, and government organizations worldwide. Services include water supply network monitoring, district metering areas, and sub-metering solutions for high-rise buildings.

4. Unlike telecommunications companies and system integrators, EMS possesses a deep understanding of flow data, enabling us to effectively assist customers in reducing high leakage rates in their water supply networks. This assistance helps lower non-revenue water (NRW) and enhances water resource system efficiency.

5. Internationally, EMS has maintained partnerships with 10 distributors for many years, extending services to 16 countries. Currently, EMS primarily focuses on New Southbound countries and is actively promoting its smart water solutions in overseas markets.

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Sub-metering Solutions

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1. The use of centralized reading for multiple smart water meters replaces manual meter reading, effectively aiding water utilities, households, shopping malls, schools, etc., in automating water meter reading operations.

2. Multiple water meters can share a single communication interface, reducing both communication and setup costs. Data is transmitted back to the backend server via 4G or NB-IoT networks and integrated into smart home or smart water management systems. Managers and users can monitor water usage through a web-based system or mobile app.

3. Water meters are equipped with edge computing capabilities to detect abnormal water usage behaviors, thereby conserving backend server computing resources. Even recording data at one-hour intervals, the system can still detect leaks or backflow conditions.

4. Currently, over 50,000 households in Taiwan have successfully implemented this system, which is also in use in Vietnam and Thailand. It assists customers in achieving management objectives such as enhancing water efficiency and reducing leakage issues, thereby not only decreasing water resource expenses and operational costs but also conserving water resources. This supports urban managers and water utilities in developing smart city water resource infrastructures.

Product Solutions


By implementing a centralized meter reading system, data from multiple small-caliber smart water meters can be automatically transmitted, eliminating the need for manual meter reading. Users can monitor water usage data through a monitoring platform (computer, mobile phone, tablet), detecting any abnormalities such as unusual consumption, suspected leaks, or backflow early for timely intervention.

【User Scenarios】

This solution is ideal for locations requiring densely installed water meters, such as smart homes, campus dormitories, or stalls in shopping malls. Multiple smart water meters can share a single transmission interface, ensuring accurate water usage data transmission.

【Addressing Pain Points】

Employing smart technology and big data analysis facilitates sustainable water resource management. This system enhances water resource management and supports fair billing practices by allowing early detection of water usage abnormalities before water bills are issued.

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