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The members of the alliance team come from the fields of chemical disaster prevention and electromechanical automation. This team is one of the few in Taiwan that fully integrates three large-scale thermal systems—constant temperature, adiabatic, and temperature rise—for process safety analysis and evaluation. Relying on the long-term achievements from collaborations with the petrochemical, rubber and plastics, semiconductor, and waste disposal industries, it has successfully developed "process safety information and smart disaster prevention applications" as core technology products in recent years. These advancements have been further enhanced through the new startup company, "Yun-Safety Tech Co., Ltd.," which aligns more closely with the industry and strengthens the link between academia and industry.

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process safety information and smart disaster prevention applications

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The new startup company "Yun-Safety Tech Co., Ltd." officially obtained TAF certification as a "Hazardous Substances Testing Laboratory" in March 2012. It will continue to provide a comprehensive range of service platforms to meet the needs of the domestic industry and strengthen the link between academia and industry.

Product Solutions

The team introduced automated detection and analysis methods for thermal hazard analysis and detection experiments, including hardware construction and software development. Together, they successfully implemented two new technologies to achieve real-time monitoring, calculation, recording, and storage during the detection process. Additionally, the alliance team has assisted the manufacturer member "Jiakeng Co., Ltd." in continuously improving AI smart air-conditioning energy-saving and lighting control technology. This year, they have successfully won project bids for the NYCU Library and National Concert Hall and, together with their partner companies, won the "GE Excellence Innovation Award.

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