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Cen Shi Co., Ltd., established in 2016, specializes in the aesthetic design of steel products and embraces "green alchemy" as its core business philosophy. Its parent company, Cheng Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a professional sheet metal factory known for innovative technologies such as oyster shell material replacement and metal remnant remanufacturing. This background provides Cen Shi Co., Ltd. with extensive sheet metal manufacturing resources to vertically integrate metal manufacturing, artistic creation, and aesthetic practice across three major areas.

Cen Shi Co., Ltd. is committed to fostering a circular economy and participates in the "Taiwan Waste Material Recycling Co-Creation Platform" project. The company collaborates with numerous international brands, aiming to build a sustainable development environment with its customers.

Operating under the brand name Douxteel, Cen Shi targets the high-end boutique market. Since its inception, the company has been invited to many brand collaborations. It has also established communities with influential figures such as Michelin-starred chefs and floral celebrities, dedicating itself to merging cultural and creative industries with the craftsmanship of sheet metal to enhance life aesthetics.

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This product is a professional sheet metal cultural creative product unique to Cen Shi Co., Ltd. The surface features a polygonal shape that highlights the abstract artistic concepts of outline and mechanization, and it embodies a vivid and delicate design. It aligns well with the local cow-related culture in Vietnam and Indonesia. The product materials are based on the concept of resource recycling, utilizing professional technologies such as oyster shells and metal remnants to achieve the goals of environmental protection and sustainable regeneration.

Product Solutions

Cen Shi Co., Ltd.'s unique metal-forged cow reflects the special local sentiment towards cows in Vietnam and Indonesia. The use of high-temperature-resistant and environmentally friendly materials, along with aesthetic styling, are key reasons for this product's appeal.

In recent years, global warming has led to a rise in average temperatures, with frequent fire incidents in industrial and commercial buildings in Vietnam and Indonesia. Consequently, the installation of fire protection and safety monitoring systems has become increasingly important. SHANY Electronic Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer in this field, is planning to provide appropriate fire protection and security products for the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets. The best solution is anticipated to involve installing sensors in a manner that resonates with local culture.

In Vietnam and Indonesia, where there is a deep cultural reverence for cattle, fire protection and security sensors are being integrated into metal cattle sculptures to offer protection that mirrors the cultural value of cattle. This approach is expected to earn significant trust and support from the local populations.

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