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PFTA Group's innovative and leading technology can convert various natural plant fibers and minerals into new, fully compostable, decomposable materials. We have developed the PFP series of low-carbon, recyclable, compostable materials, and through our exclusive patented synthesis technology, we've created a range of compostable PFP composite masterbatches for use in various products. Our diverse range of developed PFP fiber straws (including sugar cane fiber, bamboo fiber, coffee grounds, rice husk, sea shells, reeds, tea, biochar, tapioca starch, and various other fibers and minerals) not only exhibit low carbon emissions but also completely decompose in soil compost. This decomposition enhances soil fertility and organic matter. In addition to complete compost decomposition, we utilize the group's recycling technology to repurpose various PFP material processing products, remanufacturing them into different products. Our straw products are the only ones in Asia to pass North America's latest standards, which include complete decomposition certification for household food waste compost (within 42 days), a complete decomposition report for household compost (within 85 days), complete decomposition certification for household compost (within 180 days), and a product-free 6P quality testing (PP/PS/PE/PET/PVC/PLA) report. Our straw products can also be recycled and cleaned 100 times, and have undergone comprehensive testing of food packaging materials with zero detection, among other tests. The overall raw material and processed product manufacturing process, along with recycling and remanufacturing, are completely pollution-free and low-carbon, forming a sustainable, natural closed cycle.

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PFP Sugarcane Fiber Straws (PLA Free, Home Compostable Decomposition Grade)

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Various natural agricultural waste materials are recycled without burning. Through exclusive technology and patents, these materials are transformed and purified, then formed into PFP raw materials via biosynthesis. Our raw materials and products consist of more than 60% natural materials and are 100% biologically-based, allowing them to be effectively and quickly decomposed into compost in the soil. This natural material medium provides superior nutrients for the soil. The entire process is low-carbon and pollution-free, and the products can be recycled and reprocessed into PFP raw materials.

Product Solutions

In addition to addressing the existing problems of white pollution, plastic particles, false decomposition, and the inability to identify the materials in traditional and biodegradable plastics, our PFP compostable, fully decomposable materials and products not only solve global recycling issues through technological output but also enable the recycling of natural plant waste and various PFP material manufacturing-related products into other products. This creates a complete, closed-cycle solution.

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