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About Company

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan's leading technological hub, Bamboo Dynamics designs, develops, and manufactures smart logistics, mechanical automation, motor control, wireless technology, and networking management solutions. We specialize in Motor Driven Rollers (MDR) and motor control technology, offering diverse interfaces to enable conveyor automation for systems worldwide. Our in-house R&D team collaborates closely with global representatives to deliver MDRs and control cards tailored to specific user needs. As a member of the BlackBear TechHive—a one-stop provider of industrial digitalization solutions—our resources extend beyond automation expertise to include substantial experience in industrial network communication and warehouse logistics. Our teams leverage this shared expertise to help partners maintain a competitive edge.

Product Name

TRUEControl TCI Intelligent Control Card

TRUEControl TCN Intelligent Control Card

TRUERoller Motor Driven Rollers

Product Info

•Interface: I/O, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP

•No. of controllable rollers per card: 1 or 2

•Built-in ZPA functions

•Rollers with high torque, long life, safe operation, low noise, high power efficiency

Product Solutions

Multiple cards can be interconnected, creating a network topology with simple wiring. Multiple connection types  and roller dimensions according to individual site needs. Simple installation and easy maintenance. The ZPA features enable smart conveying with reduced power consumption, lower noise, and minimized risks of collision or mis-sorting.

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