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About Company

SMANEX (former OSMART Solutions) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing customers with reliable industrial wireless communication products, edge computing gateways, and IoT cloud platforms. We offer products to help customer for solutions in the fields of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, for example, electricity, energy, transportation, environmental protection, water conservancy, oil and gas, and industrial automation, aiming to enhance productivity and industrial value.

Product Name

Industrial 4G/5G routers.

Industrial edge computing gateways.

AI Cloud Platform.

Solutions for Smart Energy, Smart City (like Air Quality monitoring) solutions.  

Product Info

SMANEX (former OSMART Solutions) develops wireless 4G Routers, Edge Computing Gateways, and integrates AI Cloud Platform that delivers Smart Energy, Grid, and Smart City solutions to customers.

SMANEX Routers support RS485 Modbus, 4G MQTT, VPN functions.

SMANEX Gateways support RS485 Modbus, 4G MQTT, VPN, Python script and Liunx OS programmable. 

SMANEX is capable of the total solution providing with gateways, sensors, AI cloud platform that collect data on energy usage and transmit it to a central AI cloud platform for analysis, decision-making, and optimizing energy consumption in real time.

Product Solutions

SMANEX provides industrial IoT gateways and an AI Cloud Platform that supports 4G network technology for data acquisition, edge computing, and remote monitoring. It offers customers:

1. One-stop services that help save costs on integration and maintenance.

2. Solutions delivery with reliable systems and robust industrial-grade products.

3. Real-time data analysis and monitoring technologies.

4. Wireless connection with 4G/5G connectivity, eliminating the cost of wiring.

5. Support for customers interested in ESG and carbon emission issues.

6. Enhancements in efficiency, productivity, and management through IoT technologies.

7. IoT solutions for vertical markets like Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and Industrial Automation.

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