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YUAN CHANG (YC) TSAY INDUSTRY CO., LTD and YU JING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD will each send dedicated representatives to explain the project details at the explanatory meeting and attend the buyer matching meeting together as a group to support each other in promoting and marketing.

Product Name

One-stop service for sustainable environment

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YC Company focuses on equipment and system planning for sewage and wastewater treatment, addressing the tail-end demand in the factory's manufacturing process. Meanwhile, YU JING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD specializes in energy-saving for steam systems and coal-saving combustion-supporting agents, which are crucial needs during the manufacturing process. The cooperation between the two companies not only enhances visibility among potential clients but also increases the opportunity to attract local engineering companies to collaborate with us at any stage of the process, thereby promoting projects that expand our respective expertise.

Product Solutions

Through cooperation, the two companies have combined their respective fields of expertise and promoted them abroad. In addition to meeting the direct needs of end buyers for their respective projects, local dealers and engineering companies are also welcome to contact us. The cooperative projects can be applied from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. This approach also facilitates local dealers and engineering companies to contact us based on their immediate needs and for other future projects, thereby achieving widespread marketing exposure. Various manufacturers, technology factories, paper mills, factories that use a lot of steam, and industries that use a lot.