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In this collaborative venture, SHANY Electronic Co., Ltd. stands as the pioneering manufacturer, putting forth an integrated monitoring and sensing system plan tailored for fire safety and security. Cen Shi Co., Ltd. has contributed to the metal design and fabrication for the sensor installation sites. Catering to the specific needs of the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets, and embracing the local cultural reverence for cattle, the fire and security sensors have been ingeniously incorporated into metallic bovine structures. Crafted with materials that are both high-temperature resistant and eco-friendly, and designed with an eye for aesthetic appeal, these installations are poised to earn substantial trust and support from the community.

SHANY Electronic Co., Ltd.

Product Name

 (SHANY Electronic Co﹒ Ltd.) TeraOx (Cen shi Co., Ltd.) 

  • Eagle Eye Thermal Temperature Risk Defense System

Product Info

  • The Eagle Eye Thermal Imaging Camera, coupled with our intelligent temperature monitoring and analysis system, offers a comprehensive solution for environmental temperature surveillance across diverse industrial safety monitoring sites. It is particularly adept at providing early fire warnings in areas where high-risk materials are stored.

    Thermal imaging technology surpasses traditional fire alarm systems in accuracy, detecting the precise temperature of heat sources represented by red dots. It can also simultaneously activate intelligent temperature monitoring and analysis, triggering host alarms. This advanced approach is increasingly being adopted within high-tech industry sectors.

Product Solutions

Main functions:

•  Dual-Camera Module: Seamlessly integrates temperature measurement and surveillance capabilities, offering a comprehensive AI monitoring solution.

•  Configurable Temperature Alerts: The temperature range for triggering alarms is fully customizable to meet diverse operational requirements.

•  Versatile Usage: Ideal for fire detection, and temperature monitoring in data centers, warehouses, charging stations, and more. It ensures prompt temperature checks, effective management, and fire prevention.

Flexible Architecture

•  Integrated System: Data, devices, and events are harmoniously integrated for a multi-level mapping, monitoring, and alerting system.

•  Unrestricted Access: Offers unlimited connectivity to cameras, DVRs, and NVRs.

•  Intelligent Temperature Risk Management: Features an optional web server and client-server support for multi-channel, multi-region remote management.

•  Comprehensive Oversight: Enables monitoring of up to five remote sites with authority management, login/logout event recording, matrix-view, PTZ control, and more.

Flexible Matching

•  Storage Solutions: Compatible with NAS/SAN storage systems.

•  Display Options: Supports TV walls and alarm I/O boxes.

•  Communication: Incorporates a media streaming server and MDBUS alarm host for streamlined operations.

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