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HwaCom Systems Inc. was established in 1994 with the core brand concept of 'HwaCom Systems - Ace for Any.' The company is committed to providing products and services in four major areas: information and communication technology, digital media, smart applications, and cybersecurity.

Looking ahead, as the market trends towards the diversification of the Internet of Things (IoT), information and communication technology, big data, AI, and the 5G mobile market, HwaCom Systems is gradually transforming into an integrated services company focused on innovative network applications. This transformation aims to meet customer demands and establish core value in the evolving landscape.

UNP has unique solar module manufacturing technology, designing various solar modules suitable for IoT systems. These modules, combined with wide-temperature outdoor batteries, can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. With professional power-saving circuit design, UNP specializes in creating solar-powered outdoor IoT systems. Since its establishment, over 30k devices have been put into operation. Additionally, it is highly suitable for disaster prevention equipment. Its self-powering, no wiring, and wireless transmission features ensure that disaster prevention equipment can operate for extended periods and maintain power during disasters, maximizing its effectiveness.

HwaCom and UNP Energy are collaborating to launch Smart Safety, a smart roadside structure that operates entirely on green energy. It offers various functionalities while further implementing disaster prevention and safety protection measures.

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As economic development continues to thrive, population migration to urban areas has made cities busy and congested, posing significant challenges to urban management and safety. The application of high-tech communication technologies such as 5G communication and urban IoT provides the foundation for cities to improve citizen services, public safety, and even traffic efficiency. Consequently, various smart city solution products have been developed and implemented. Smart city construction requires carriers for information collection, dissemination, and transmission. Streetlights, characterized by their even distribution and high density, naturally become the main force in urban smart management.

Unlike traditional road lighting, smart poles are integrated carriers equipped with multifunctional systems designed to meet the needs of urban construction and management. These new lighting facilities enable unified city maintenance, prevent resource waste, and have garnered significant attention from city planners.

Urban traffic efficiency relies on convenient public transportation. Unlike traditional bus stops, solar bus stops can reduce significant electricity consumption and excavation costs, offering the benefits and efficiency of energy saving and rapid deployment. Combining solar power with e-paper display technology not only provides an eco-friendly solution but also utilizes the low energy consumption and high visibility of e-paper to clearly display information even in outdoor environments.

The implementation of smart poles and solar bus stops can bring the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Urban Management EfficiencySmart poles can integrate various urban management functions, such as traffic monitoring, environmental monitoring, and public safety, enabling management units to grasp urban conditions in real-time and make informed decisions.

2. Promotion of Public SafetySurveillance cameras and emergency rescue devices installed on smart poles can promptly detect and handle emergencies, ensuring citizen safety.

3. Energy SavingsThe smart lighting system of smart poles can automatically adjust switching and brightness according to different schedules, achieving energy saving and emission reduction. Both smart poles and solar bus stops can use solar power, eliminating the need for electrical connections and large-scale excavation, thereby saving financial resources.

4. Provision of Convenient ServicesSmart poles and solar bus stops can be equipped with digital signage/e-paper displays to provide real-time information such as traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and public transportation arrival times, facilitating citizens' daily lives.

5. Environmental ProtectionE-paper supports power-off display technology, which can still show the last information in a power-off state. Its high-efficiency display technology ensures clear visibility day and night, reducing environmental light pollution.

6. Data Collection and AnalysisSmart poles can collect various data, such as traffic flow and environmental indices, providing strong support for urban planning and management through big data analysis.

7. Easy Installation and MaintenanceWithout the need for expensive wiring costs, smart poles and solar bus stops are advantageous for installation and maintenance in remote areas.

8. Promotion of Smart City DevelopmentAs vital components of smart cities, smart poles and solar bus stops can drive the intelligent upgrade of urban infrastructure, enhancing overall urban competitiveness and reducing environmental burdens to achieve livability.

Product Solutions

Our smart poles and solar bus stops integrate the latest 5G communication technology and urban IoT applications, bringing an unprecedented smart management experience to cities.

In response to the diverse needs of our clients, we offer intelligent integration and optimal design planning solutions that combine solar power generation, smart lighting, 5G micro base stations, WiFi hotspots, environmental sensing, image analysis monitoring, digital signage/e-paper, emergency assistance systems, and other related services.


1.5G Micro Base Stations and WiFi Hotspots

By deploying 5G micro base stations on smart poles and solar bus stops spread throughout the city, enhance 5G signal coverage with the high-speed and low-latency capabilities of the 5G network. This can serve as a 5G mobile network or WiFi hotspot for public use and provide strong support for the development of smart traffic technologies.

2.【Solar Power Generation and Energy Storage

Using solar panels, eliminate the need for electrical connections, achieve energy savings, and avoid the need for road excavation during installation, making the process more flexible and convenient. This reduces installation time and energy costs for the city, enabling the rapid application of smart poles and solar bus stops in remote areas, thus improving the quality of life for local residents.

3.【Streetlight Illumination Monitoring and Energy-saving Analysis

Our smart poles are not just lighting tools but also effective assistants for urban management. The smart streetlight control can adjust lighting schedules according to different seasons, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption. They also offer real-time monitoring of streetlight operation, automatically reporting faults, reducing labor inspection costs, and maintenance time.

4.【Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting

Through real-time environmental sensors, our system can monitor and provide data on temperature, air quality, and rainfall, contributing to the maintenance of environmental quality.

5.【Traffic and Pedestrian Flow Analysis and Technology Law Enforcement

Using image monitoring to analyze traffic and pedestrian flow, providing statistics for specific roads or areas. This supports technology law enforcement and enhances urban security monitoring.

6.【Media Information Dissemination and Message Broadcasting

Through Digital signage/e-paper to promote information, provide data queries, and allow the citizens to view government policy announcements or commercial advertisements, thereby generating revenue for the government. Digital signage can also broadcast real-time environmental information, such as weather, air quality, road conditions, and bus schedules.

7.【Emergency Rescue Alert

Emergency buttons allow citizens to seek help from the management unit in the event of sudden incidents, ensuring public safety.

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