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Established in 1992, MyEnamel is a professional manufacturer of enamel products. Moving away from the traditional manual methods commonly used in the enamel industry, we have invested in automatic equipment, such as the GEMA® enamel static spraying system and the Japan Yaskawa Robot spraying system, to consistently maximize quality. We strictly comply with standard operating procedures for all processes to ensure that overall quality is maintained.

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Enamel panel

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Enamel is known for its resistance to heat, acid, and alkali, and it is easy to clean. Therefore, it is commonly used by advanced countries across various industries, including home appliances, architecture, transportation, and furniture. Enamel coating is also ideal for specific purposes such as energy-saving and anti-corrosion for industrial materials.

Product Solutions

Climate-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Fire-Resistant, Economical.

Enamel wall panels are lightweight construction materials suitable for buildings and public constructions. Although the initial construction budget is comparatively higher than that of other materials, the overall cost proves to be the most economical when all advantages are considered—including easy construction, reduced manpower, and low cleaning and maintenance costs. Nowadays, these panels are commonly utilized for many indoor and outdoor applications in the construction industry.

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