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About Company

1.The Professional Technology Service Provider
2. eZoom Information currently has 110 employees, with offices in Taipei, Hsinchu, Tainan, Shanghai and Wuxi. Our parent company, Marketech International Corp., has expanded its branches to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia , Myanmar, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries under the global business layout.
eZoom Information focuses on the development of ICT industry. As a system integrator and service provider, we are not only a product agency, but a turnkey solution provider. We provide intelligent cloud system solutions to meet the application of domestic and foreign enterprises, and our product pipelines include enterprise cloud, education cloud, smart healthcare, smart firefighting and smart building, etc., to achieve IoT interconnection, information integration and sharing services.

Product Info

1. Slogan:For a safer and smarter home

Reduce possible damages and losses when disasters occur, and find the source of problems immediately and effectively, which is the total turn-key solution as smart home solution provider.

2. Product Concept:
(1)The IP-8907 Smart Intercom is an advanced, innovative anti-theft intercom connected to internet. It is suitable for apartments, commercial buildings, and homes, and can be used in various scenarios. It has sleek shape to match interior design, easy-to-use panel, fire-proof outer case made of ABS, and SOS buttons with lights on both sides. The SOC chip with low power consumption provides the most reliable, stable protection.
(2)The NQ-9S Optical Smoke Alarm System can be connected to set off alarms in real time, which is the safest way to detect smoke.
(3)After a smart Intercom with synchronized smoke alarm system has been installed, every indoor smoke alarm will set off if the smoke exceeds pre-set value, allowing every family member to respond. If there is no one home, the alarm will be passed to the intercom, which will then transmit the alarm to mobile phones; therefore, family members can know what has happened at home, even when they are outside.

3. Product Functions:
(1)Anti-theft: alarm at 6 (or more) locations, with 2 (or more) SOS circuit
(2)SOS buttons with light on both sides. They can be pressed by either hand and work normally even when the touch screen malfunctions.
(3)Other residents in the same building will not be affected by single malfunctioned intercom terminal.
(4)Message from family members available
(5)Four reminding lights on the panel. Users can know missed calls, alarms triggered, public announcements immediately, even when the screen has been turned off to save power.
(6)Audio and video can be recorded and played back on the intercom.
(7)Can be integrated with central monitoring system or property management system
(8)Built-in RTSP protocol
(9)Communication interface: TCP/IP international SIP protocol
(10)Two internet ports to simplify cable layout
(11)American gauge fixture available to go with smart building and intelligent home
(12)Advantage of ITE SoC: Can be integrated with intelligent elevator; supports remote IPCAM; international operation interface; adopts protocols such as VOIP SIP and RTSP to improve universal application and stability.
Features of smoke detector
(13)Made in Taiwan with stable quality, because we have 30 years of experience.
(14)Easy installation
(15)Low battery warning: A warning light will flash with a beep every 40 seconds to remind users to replace battery.
(16)DC9V battery included. AC110V/220V also available (optional)
(17)Output: COM.NO.NC connection point (optional)
(18)Synchronization: 15 detectors can be connected (optional)

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