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Masonry expert for building materials. Provider of integrated solutions for optimum plastering

RT-MIX as a pioneer of large-scale ready-mixed mortar production in Taiwan, our R&D division consists of a group of master and doctor degree expert, aiming to its untiring research into new material applications and processing technologies and will continue to provide products that satisfy
the needs of its clients.

Face-to-Face communication with our clients , the meticulous care is our corporate attitude. We provides the finest full-range building materials, such as finish gray, wall grout, tile fix, window grout, self-leveling floor screed, non-shrinkage grout, anti-efflo motar , water proofing grout, as well as the
integration of engineering methods and techniques. The products are certified by internationally renowned laboratories and certificate from the national green building material.

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1. Slogan:Masonry expert for building materials. Provider of integrated solutions for optimum plastering

2. Product Functions:
‧ ShifuGrout U799-Offshore Turbine Foundation Material
It is an ultra-high strength grout used for offshore wind turbine concrete foundation installation, i.e. monopile, jacket and tripods. Specifically formulated for working environments in subtropical regions like Taiwan, ShifuGrout U799 is 100% developed and manufactured in Taiwan, packed and transported in watertight bulk bag. It obtained DNV GL Type Approval Certificate (TAC) in September 2019. A full scale mock-up testing at standard (20°C) and elevated (35°C) temperature was performed with procedures approved by DNV GL.
‧ ShifuGrout T508-Offshore Turbine Thermal Conducting Grout
The low thermal resistance of the ShifuGrout T508 Series ensures excellent heat dissipation, therefore reducescapacity loss in the cable line and the power capability of the cable route is thus permanently increased. It is a heat-conducting special construction material developed as a backfilling material for underground power transmission. As its excellent free-flow properties, ShifuGrout T508 Series is outstandingly well-suited for backfilling the residual annular space between the cable and the tube, especially for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects.

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