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YUAN CHUANG FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1998. with the goal to overcome shortcomings of traditional puffing equipment, which are usually bulky, heavy and with lower mobility and productivity. Beginning with "No Fried Biscuit Machines," the company makes use of its profession, R&D and manufacturing abilities, to better improve Taiwan food machinery.

After more than ten years of research and development, the small-scale "No Fried Biscuit Machine" and other puffing machinery were born. No oil needs to be added in the process of making 100% natural, fresh, crispy and healthy rice biscuits.

We have Core Rechnology Patents. The machinery we designed have been highly widely accepted and praised among customers, and have been exported to more than 20 countries. We will continue to expand our global business map with our partners, and polish our brand as food machinery manufacturer.

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1.Product Concept:

The newly developed model is designed with hydraulic drive system and superior production performance.

The computer control system provides users with smooth operation experience. Through the touch-sensitive human-machine interface, thickness and crispness of biscuits can be adjusted, unprecedentedly bringing artificial intelligence to the cereal/cookie making equipment.

2.Product Technical:

Crispness: Grains Biscuits are crispy and maintaining its natural taste. Thickness and crispness of biscuits can be adjusted.
Pressing: Pressing and making Grains Crackers on site ensures not only its freshness but also an eye-catching show.
Intelligence: Computer system can be manually and automatically controlled.
Feasibility: Use user-friendly touch screen to adjust thickness and crispness according to personal preference.
High value: Six pieces of Biscuits can be made at a time. Fast and smooth.
Variety: The mould is designed according to clients' demands, such as the moulds in shapes of triangle, heart, square and round, etc..

3.Product Target Group:

Yuang Chuang Food Machinery has a variety of customers. Its products are recommended for first-time entrepreneurs and future founders of food brands.

Yuan Chuang's target clients include small and medium-sized restaurant operators, refreshment and beverage merchants, sightseeing factories, hotel operators, etc.

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