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""GPT"" was founded in 2003, the group includes extensive data analysis, multi-dimensional chart tables, and XR simulation training software development group contains. Using Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), and Mixed Reality(MR) technology as our foundation, we provide customized training solutions with immersive and high-quality extended reality (XR) simulation to our clients in different fields, our specialty includes Traffic Simulator, Safety Training Simulator, and Military Simulator. Several government units are our customers."

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1. Slogan: Guardian Meta,Rescue zero distance

2. Product Concept:
Fire is one of the most common disasters in our lives. If we can help people establish a correct concept of disaster prevention and learn to use basic fire extinguishing equipment, it will help us reduce more risks in life. Given that it is difficult for ordinary people to use fire extinguishers at any time. Fire prevention training, but using the XR intelligent disaster prevention and relief simulation training system, you can learn, practice and experience as much as you like in the Metaverse. The people have established knowledge of fire prevention and the skills of using fire extinguishers, which can not only effectively help the occurrence of disasters It can also reduce the waste of resources and achieve a double effect.

3. Product Functions:
Scenarios and pain points that can be solved: Reduce the high cost and risk of traditional law enforcement and fire protection. More effective training outcomes and efficiency.

4. Product Technical:
XR 3D content design and development, Muti-user connection and sychronization, VR positional tracking, Immersive interactive content engine: Unreal and Unity."

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