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Artilect Green is the world's leading manufacturer--professional DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) system developer.

Artilect Green was established in 2012 and has complete software and hardware development and integration capabilities. It focuses on lighting control, induction, energy saving and intelligent interactive development. The products are result of completely independent research and development, rather than purchasing existing modules. And we can provide ODM/ OEM service. We have experience in device designing and development of building automation, lighting control, computer peripheral devices, cloud platform, etc. Furthermore, our team has the ability of circuit design/ PCB layout/ firmware design/ PC software development/ network communication/ App development, etc. We have customers all over the country in Taiwan, North America, Asia and Europe.

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1. Slogan:DALI Smart link system, perfect lighting control solution

2. Product Concept:
Artilect Green DALI smart link system LED light control features: perfect dimming curve, minimum 0.1% perfect curve output brightness/ healthy eye protection dimming, quiet, no flicker, the most natural lighting, providing the most quiet and comfortable living and sleeping environment. Situation and new zone concept, free change of brightness, loop control. Detect bulb status, preventive detection to find problems in advance.

3. Product Functions:
•Gateway: DALI (4 channels)/ channel short circuit protection/ intelligent engine, time synchronization, event scheduling
•Driver: DALI-2 dual color temperature digital dimming interface, can detect LED open circuit, short circuit, load change. Can detect driver temperature, automatically reduce power or shut down to protect itself.
•DALI-2 sensor: motion detection function/ light control function
•DALI-2 Smart Wall Touch Switch: Digital dimming function, RGB indicator light. Light control function
•Relay: 4 channels, including overheat detection, electric current detection.

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