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Established in 1996, Hundred Machinery (HM) is a professional food machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. HM refurbishes used machines from Rheon, Japan to 80% new for reselling. Years of experiences resulted in solid skills and thoughtful service. Since 2007, HM has specialized in machines, optional devices and accessories with new functions to make foods with different textures and features. Dumplings, steamed buns, bakery foods and frozen foods of all kinds can be produced by HM machines. Since 2012, Hundred Machinery has built a new headquarter to provide our VIP guests around the world with top-quality service. Bringing together famous ingredient suppliers to increase production capacities, we convened a Dream Team to develop over 15 new products with automatic equipment each year. In this case, we save product development cost for customers. With high-quality foods and efficient production by multi-functional machines, we provide turnkey solutions to boost your business!

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1.Slogan:HM produces the delicious food you need.

2.Product Concept:
HM automatic production line can quickly produce a variety of stuffing products and assist customers in making high-quality and delicious products. With multifunctional accessories, it increases product diversity, fully automates food production, reduces manual labor and enhances production efficiency, and ensures safety and hygiene protection.

3.Product Functions:
(1)Product consistency and stability: Instead of manual compression molding, we offer automatic machinery stamping machine to ensure the product consistency and high efficiency.
(2)Reduce Labor and increase productivity: The production line contains encrusting machines, stamping machines and aligning machines to make product and to reduce labor as well as time yet to increase capacity.
(3)Encrusting machines make sure the ratio of wrapper and stuffing are stable for mass production.
(4)Various accessories, such as double filling feeders, Jam Filling Feeders, Solid Feeders, enable products which are hard to be done manually or time-wasted.

4.Product Technical:
The bearings and frequency converters of the encrusting machine are made in Japan, which are high quality and durable. In addition, the body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, and it is more convenient to clean and disassemble.

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