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Honesty Innovation Service Sustainability.

HISS is the third companies in the world that possess with the barrier free pleated screen mesh technology.
Our R&D team have 15 staffs and has developed products which meets the market needs. Besides, we have obtained 217 patents.
Currently, we have three manufacturer factories located in Diliao, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Kunshan, China, respectively.
In Taiwan, we cooperate with distributors and construction companies to take more B2C orders. Abroad, we promote our products through dealers from various countries and customers.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Aesthetics, comfort, safety, energy saving, clean, durable.

2. Product Concept:
This product has a hidden handle and simple shape, plus extremely narrow frame design. The soundproof materials of the green building can effectively block the noise outside. For safety concern, there is a hidden switch design to protect children. The door fan can resist the invasion of typhoon that scaled 16. In terms of ventilation, the design contains a normal fan and also the interior reclining fan that can do more breathing exchange but prevent rain from flowing inside. The product has the unique design in aesthetics, it is functional, soundproof, energy saving and safe.

3. Product Technical:
The product has a very narrow frame, a concealed handle and an internal wire transmission that the user can pull with just one hand. The high performance green building materials of soundproof structures effectively block the noise. It comes with the pioneering concealed switch design to protect children safely. Besides, it is equipped with stainless steel explosion-proof mesh to improve safety. The design passed the highest CNS tests for waterproofing and wind resistance. The ventilation of the connected type fan covers 50% window fan area and pass pull life test for over 100 thousand times. The innovative indoor detachable mesh can be removed manually with NetEase cleaning/installation. To maintain the pull fan, it can be removed from the frame directly. It is quick and convenient.

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