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Our company was founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1975. Factory in Shenzhen, China was established in 1992. Factory in Xiamen, China and factory in Vietnam was established in 1996. Factory in Nam Tan Uyen, Vietnam was established in 2020.
We are the first wood paint manufacturer in Taiwan to introduce and focus on the development of water-based resin technology. Ou comany has rich experience and capacity in the deveopment of technology concerning water-based paint. At present, all our water-based paint products are independently developed by ourselves, and our company has a professional research and development team. The team and quality inspectors jointly develop products and quality assurance systems and provide customers with customized services and the latest and highest quality products. At present, the company's sales model is to provide products directly to factory customers or provide our products to other paint agents, who then sell to their customers. As to overseas business, we have been providing premium service to large internatinal furniture manufacturers in Europe, USA, Japan, and other regions since our factory in Vietnam was established in 1996.

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1. Slogan: We value the living quality and health of people. Provide a better environment to our next generation.

2. Product Concept:
Because we value the living quality and health of people and want to provide a better environment to our next generation, we offer water-based paints. They are different from traditional paintings as they contain no organic solvents, no toxic ingrdients, and are totally environmental-friendly with little odor. It can be diluted with water. And it's suitable for indoor decoration, wood painting ,furniture coating, etc.

3. Product Functions:
Our products provide the same strong protection as traditonal paints, and they dry rapidly with higher transparency. They are easy to aplly and allow the natural wood grain be shown clearly. Because they can be diluted with water, thay prevent your body form the harm of solvents. House owners or constructors only need to wait 2-3 weeks for the paints to dry completely before they move in or transfer. They don no have to wait several months for paint odors coming from solvents to dissipate. Therefore, the quality of living can be improved.

4. Product Technical:
We have our own research and development team, who works primarily on water-based paints. We have a full series of products, including paints for indoor and outdoor use. We not only care about your health and enviorment, but also provide customized service. Our products are easy to apply, so the cost of your construction budget can be lowered with higher quality. It will be a win-win situation for both the owner and constructor.

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