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Slogan: We give you SuperGood Air !
Wah Lee Industrial Corp is a leading advance material, SEMI component & solution provider with USD $2.5Billion revenue in 2021. We're proud to partner with the air filter expert - SuperGood Health. And bring you the best filter solution.

SuperGood Health inherits the marketing experience and manufacturing technology of SunGung Health. The core members of our company have more than 20 years developing and producting experiences in air purification market. SuperGood Heath, ensures to provide the highest quality products for all customers.

SuperGood Health Technology: www.supergoodair.com/en/

Product Info

1. Slogan:We give you SuperGood Air !

2. Product Concept:
Our filter products include well known brand air purifier HEPA filter, de-odorization filter, cabin and industrial filter. More than 20 years OEM/ODM filter manufacturing experience and good quality assurance system. A CADR chamber here, similar with the AHAM Lab USA, also wind-tunnel equipment.

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