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Stretch, Play, Repeat. Our Kawaii Life.

Kawaii Life was born to create household products with endless innovation. We founded KAWAII LIFE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. to introduce Kawaii Life.

KAWAII LIFE originates from TAISHIN HONEYCOMB CORPORATION, which centered on the environmental-friendly material, Honeycomb. TAISHIN, established 30 years ago, sticks to the green principle, and believes that technology comes from humanity and that art comes from culture. We will never stop creating innovative products that display scientific and humanistic spirits as well as environmental-friendly concepts, bringing happy surprises and “Kawaii Life” to you.

We welcome like-minded creative thinkers to work with us, spice up our life with various seasonings, creating more “Kawaii Life.”

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1. Slogan:Stretch, Play, Repeat

2. Product Concept:
Honeycomb Furniture combines green concept with design, uses 100% recyclable paper materials, refuses additives harmful to the environment, and reduces green impacts caused by products.
Honeycomb Furniture has spatial structure to show its sleek and smooth contour. It is flexible to shrink, extend and change with ambient conditions, which adds fun to your living space.

3. Product Functions:
Honeycomb structure is easy to expand and contract, creating varied lines and postures. You can change the spatial expression with your pace of life. The space can be either full or empty, serene or vivid. Visual changes of space and furniture reveal their conversation. Honeycomb Furniture adds surprises and tastes to life and reduces the distance between humans and the world.

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