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We choose the best and care every product detail to satisfy your home life.

With a meticulous and concise design style, we promotes fashionable and elegant light technology trend into every home in Taiwan, creating a special MATURE LIFE STYLE.

We accumulated years of market insights, combined with forward-looking and open thinking, to create the most user-friendly products, saving you from waste of time, energy, and efforts, freeing you from the tedious and troublesome housework, and keeping good time for family and yourself.

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1. Slogan: Non-stick plates make cooking easier. Detachable design for easy cleaning

2. Product concept:
A hot press sandwich maker can make sandwich breakfasts, honey muffins, chocolate donuts, and nut tart by replacing with a variety of dessert plates. The surface of plate has 2 layers of non-stick processing. The Non-stick plates design is a necessary tool to easily make breakfast or tea dessert in 3 minutes. A sandwich maker is recommended because it is quick and easy to use. Adults can use the product to make a sandwich and have fun with their children.

3. Product Functions:
• Making healthy breakfast in 3 minutes and save money
• Easy to heat with 10-minute timer knob
• Fun to cook with five different changeable plates

4. Product technology:
• Certified plates without toxin
• Two-stage buckle to easily press thicker ingredients
• Automatic power off design
• Power cord design to save storage space
• Lightweight, antiskid design

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