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1. Slogan: Best choice for professional ultrasonic cleaning & ultraviolet disinfection.

2. Product Concept:
One device combines two new techniques of Ultrasonic cleaning and UV light sterilization, allowing for multiple purposes such as commerce, industry, and home.

3. Product Functions:
・Powerful removal of dirt by 40,000 Hz ultrasonic
・Industrial-grade ultrasonic transducer with stronger cleaning ability
・UV light with sterilization ability
・Adjustable cleaning timer from 1 to 30 mins
・Easy to clean with removable lid and detachable power cord makes cleaning much easier
・Automatic switch off of the UV light when lid opened; easy and safe to operate

4. Product technical:
Complete experiment test to ensure 99.99% sterilization in 5 minutes

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We hope to improve people's life by creating unique and effective products to solve daily problems.

Established in 1996, Gooten Innolife Corporation has over 20 years of design, manufacturing, and marketing experience in the timepiece industry, medical electronics, and consumer electronics. We are committed to providing high-quality products and OEM/ODM service for our global partners.

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