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Hot Air out and Natural Light in, Bring you a better life.

First Metal has been devoted to the R&D of low-carbon construction materials combining natural sunlight and ventilation to deter global warming and provide a better living and stable environment.
First Metal integrates multiple functions together successfully. First, the Skylight Vent series combine multiple functions in one product. It has obtained many patents in different countries, including invention patents in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam and it’s able to achieve carbon emission reduction of buildings. Therefore, Skylight Vent provides people better environment for life and work.
Our products have won approval from many public companies and famous enterprises. First Metal has won the 17th Business Startup Awards in 2018, and Devotion Award for Low Carbon Building in 2019. Skylight Vent series products also obtained Low Carbon Footprint Building Construction Certificate of Accreditation in 2019. Firs Metal will keep investing in the research and development of areas related to green products and environmental-friendly building materials.

Product Info

1. Slogan:The seamless dialogue between the wind and light, perfect daylight breeze for the retired household

2. Product Concept:
Skylight Vent & Manhole Vent has been well accepted by the market for its energy cost reduction and easy-to-install assemblies. It was created from the idea of green energy and permanent building materials, successfully integrate multiple functions in one material.

3. Product Functions:
‧ Natural Sunlight: Instead of using electric lamps, natural sunlight can permeate the building effectively.
‧Good Ventilation: Increase productivity at work by improving air circulation in various buildings and decrease high indoor heat.
‧ Patented Leak-proof Design: Special design inside the vent tube can eliminate water leaks, even when typhoons strike.
‧Anti-Condensation: Get rid of condensation by providing a ventilation system constantly.
‧Maintenance free: The lifetime of vent is close to that of the building, so the cost and time of maintenance can be saved.
‧Open easily & safely(Manhole Vent ): Unique design of upper cover makes it easy to open and close. It is more effort-saving and safer than traditional stainless manhole cover.

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