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HO CHA, Good tea.

SHUJEI Company, established in 2008, focuses on high-quality raw ingredients, OEM, and food preparation according to market trends. With business expansion, SHUJEI extended business operations to Philippines and founded its own brand HO CHA, an authentic Taiwanese flavored tea. HO CHA is now considered one of the Best Milk Tea player and expected to grow through franchising. HO CHA is committed to serve the best tasting beverages that everyone would love. SHUJEI also founded SOYGELATO, a blend of soft serve ice cream and tofu pudding with different sweets layered on the top, which is eye-catching and attracts people to buy. SOYGELATO sets up counters in various schools and popular shopping malls in the Philippines. SHUJEI is developing more healthy products that people would surely patronize, including Allen's Blend bottled drinks, Oild cut green tea which is good for the health, Collagen shot to give you glowing skin, and Glutathione combined with vitamin C for stronger immune system and brighter skin.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Focus on the pursuit of health and enjoy good flavor experience

2. Product Concept:
Oil Cut Green tea is a blend of high-grade natural green tea leaves grown and harvested in Taiwan.

3. Product Functions:
Healthy benefits
‧ improvement for metabolism and weight control
‧ rich in antioxidants that lowers cancer risks
‧ supporting fat burning system
‧ prevention from diabetes
‧ lower blood cholesterol
‧ prevention from cardiovascular disease
‧ enhancement of brain function and activity.

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