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Building Craftsmanship Through Mechanical Technology

Shang Kai Steel is a professional and innovative manufacturer for expanded metal mesh in Taiwan since 1988. The SKA series-- adopted by architects, designers, and construction companies all over the world-- is your ideal architectural solution for both aesthetics and versatility. The characteristics include innovation, sun-shield effect, indoor temperature reduction, energy & cost saving, vertical greening, and so on. All the specifications can be customized to satisfy customers' various requirements. So far, we have exported to overseas markets such as USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, etc.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Expand your innovation, Mesh your imagination

2. Product Concept:
Provide contractor and façade metal company with innovative, green and versatile solution for architectural material.

3. Product Functions:
・Durability and safety
・Permeability and filtration
・Eco-friendly and energy-saving d. Versatility and feasibility

4. Product Technical:
The square and aperture allocation of each panel is specially inspected and calculated in order to achieve a seamless and correspondent layout. Hence, the extra cost from adjusting or processing can be eliminated. In addition, the construction time can be shortened to save the cost as the workers can install each panel easily and efficiently.

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