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Established in 1989, Feli's main service has been transformed from the processing of hardware components to the manufacturing of food machinery. Starting from the nut butter grinder developed for Japanese customers thirteen years ago, in recent years, various chocolate Bean-to-Bar production equipment has been developed successively, such as far-infrared roller roasting machine, cocoa bean cracker and winnower, chocolate conching machine, chocolate tempering machine, etc. One-stop service of R&D, design, manufacturing, and export, Feli Technology, with years of experience and professional technology, continues to provide customers with reliable products, which are used in the domestic and foreign catering industry, baking industry, food processing industry, hotel industry, relevant colleges and universities, government agricultural units, farms, and other groups. In these fields, we have achieved great sales results, and have exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, Australia, Chile and more than 60 countries.

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1. Slogan : Feli’s nut butter, better butter choice!

2. Product Concept:
A low-temperature, fast, small-volume, high-production machine for business, it can grind a variety of materials with less loss. In addition to all kinds of nuts, it is suitable for a variety of vegetables, fruits, beans, etc. There is no need for additional oil and water, and 4 kinds of fineness can be adjusted, truly 100% nut butter, suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Simple operation, cleaning easy, safe, and durable, a small one can bring great business opportunities.

3. Product Functions:
Replacing the general stone mill machine and blender, the stone mill machine has the problems that the machine is easy to generate high heat, and the stone grinding disc is easy to drop sand; the blender’s universal motor is not powerful enough, and the grinding process needs to add oil and water, and the output doesn’t meet commercial demand. Feli nut butter grinder features a fast grinding speed, high production, low temperature of nut butter, and does not damage food nutrition. Using the oil contained in nuts after roasting, there is no need to add oil or water during the grinding process, and truly achieve 100% nut butter. The fineness can be adjusted by simply replacing the washer, and the granulated nut butter can be formed at the same time. Saving time and manpower.

4. Product Technical:
Independent development of special motor features high horsepower, fast speed, high production, suitable for grinding nuts and various materials, and designed with overheat protection device to enhance the safety. With a three-row tooth tip design, the patented grinding disc can achieve the best balance in cutting efficiency and heat dissipation. There are two materials of grinding disc, one is lead-free copper (heat dissipation fast), and the other is 316 stainless steel (more durable).

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