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About Company

Pursuing innovation and help our clients improve their competitiveness and revenue through professionalism, quality, and service.

Phoenixes was established more than 20 years ago in Taiwan. A local and international leading supplier of sealing machines, sealing films and packaging equipment. Product are supplied both locally and internationally, have a place in 50 to 60 countries, and we are devoted to exporting. “Made in Taiwan” packaging equipment to customers all over the world with the best supply options on the market.
Our core belief is to offer total solutions to our customers. We devote ourselves to assisting our customers to enhance the quality of packaging, product image, food safety, innovative packaging, among others.
We stick to honesty and create a win-win situation with our customers.

Product Info

1. Slogan:The best solution for takeaway and ingredian concelling.

2. Product Concept:A great option for those with middle production needs and for those who just started their business.

3. Product Functions:
‧Customized mold options
The motor-driven model offers customized mold options for 1 or 2 cavities according to your trays size, shape and an specific feature. You can change machine molds if you have 2 or more different trays. It also offers MAP (Gas Flushing) system if required.
‧Safe and hygienic packaging without leakage: Quickly seal various plastic containers, making meal packaging safe and hygienic.
‧The sealing film, excellent marketing platform: It can be customized to print the sealing film and put various graphic designs such as product contents, nutrition labels, and store LOGO on the product, and each seal is an excellent advertising platform.
‧Nitrogen filling package (optional): Filling with nitrogen or other gases can slow down the oxidation of ingredients and keep the food in the freshest state.

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