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1. Slogan: Purified your environment

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SKG nano-platinum is about 2~3 nanometers. It has -40m V ZETA potential characteristics. It has strong adsorption and anti-oxidation power. It can effectively decompose toxic organic volatiles such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, TVOC, etc. Its powerful effect can decompose organic pollutants into non-polluting water and carbon dioxide, and purify the surface and air of objects. Utilised the physical antibacterial principle, when the antibacterial ions with a positive charge of 2-5 nanometers come into contact with a bacterial virus with a negative charge of 27-100 nanometers, a pulling force is generated due to the positive and negative charges pulling each other, so that the cell wall and cell membrane of the bacterial virus are pulled together. After rupturing, and then let the antibacterial ions directly penetrate the core, so that the bacteria and viruses lose their survival effect and decay and die, achieving a real antibacterial effect.

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