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Safety, Health, Clean, Non-toxic, Environmentally friendly

Dishwashers are the trend of the world's advanced countries, and the rise of environmental awareness has also driven environmentally-friendly tableware into the mainstream. In view of this, in 2000, the first step was to develop and manufacture dishwasher equipment. In order to improve the quality of food and beverage, and to ensure the environmental protection and health of the whole people, we set up a manufacturing plant in Dali District with more than 2,000 pings. The innovative energy-saving provincial manpower model won several patents. At present, more than 200 employees have become domestic leaders. In addition to leading equipment, the company also adopts an innovative business model: leasing, stationing one-stop service, and central washing machine outside the washing mode.
The team has also developed a washing machine, a washing machine, a washing and baking machine, a Tray disk washing machine, a chemical part cleaning, a commercial vegetable and fruit cleaning, and a differentiation in the washing field. Daren, omnipotent.

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  1. 1. Slogan: Safety, Health, Clean, Non-toxic, Environmentally friendly2. Product Concept:
    G-winner products have endured years of immense pressures and demands from the market, while the Company has proven its resolution and commitment towards continuous improvement with its relentless R&D to strengthen the structural quality and enhance cleansing quality, In addition to local manufacturing advantages and competitive pricing, G-winner also possesses EU's CE certification, and food safety and sanitation management HACCP certification. Its products have been sold in many countries, surpassing international standards while retaining humble prices.

    3. Product Features:
    Elegant aesthetic design, quality displaying the art of craftsman and fit in all kinds of occasions and places, no matter it is for commercial or for industrial purpose.
    Provide excellent solutions to replace disposable tableware by using professional electronic washing equipment to wash them. Versatile applications, able to deal with the washing of tableware, cups, medical kits, hardware parts, and various kits, as long as they fit into the wash rack. G-Winner is the representative noun of “washing & cleansing”, environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, no toxins, cleanliness, hygiene and convenience.

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