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●In commitment of customer satisfaction, we develop the whole process independently from raw materials selection, microbial engineering to exclusively manufacture with strict quality control.
●The first innovative technology in the world to use exclusive microbial conversion to produce resveratrol raw material technology.
●Resveratrol raw materials are widely used in healthy food products to protect cardiovascular, prevent osteoporosis and anti-age.
●The herbal raw materials can be added based on various industrial needs. It is a complete food industry chain from farms to food factories.

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1. Slogan: Be innovate and outstanding through green biotechnology.

2. Product Concept:
There are more and more studies on resveratrol in recent years. Though it has wide applications, but it’s too expensive to popularize on the market. The healthy food which adopts pure resveratrol as the main raw material is too pricy and is unaffordable to general people. Therefore, three are low-unit or similar extraction of resveratrol provided currently. Our techniques can improve the resveratrol purification process as medicine ingredient. We expect the products will be popular in the next 20 years.

3. Product Functions:
This technology is protected by patent rights, and the strains have been deposited as microorganisms. Therefore, there is no identical technology on the market. We completed two tons of tank conversion process in 2016, which are exclusively for food machinery and production. Thus, ZHENHO can operate commercially with whole plant output immediately.
The resveratrol is converted by microorganisms and non-genetic technology. It can quickly produce high-quality resveratrol with low energy consumption and it’s reusable.

4. Product Technical:
The resveratrol converted by microorganisms has a purity of 50%~90%. It has been examined in rigorous animal tests and human trials that it can regulate blood lipids. Besides, it is anti-aging and widely used in healthy food raw materials.

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