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PULLMAN driving for your life!
We Do Care and Care for All!

2. Comapny profile and highlights: AFTA Technology Co., Ltd. always believes that crisis is also a turning point. While struggling over financial crisis during 2007-2008, the same time opened up an opportunity for new business. This transition has re-defined the profile of Dr. Susan Wang (the founder) from "Princess of Plastics" to "Queen of Africa." Simply by reducing a wheel, PULLMAN tricycle has been committed to helping customer’s dream come true.
AFTA is also a global platform with superiority in integrating technology from Germany, designing in Italy, manufacturing in Egypt, and sourcing from Taiwan. That is why AFTA created high quality PULLMAN tricycles with well-received quality and sturdy performance in the markets.
Throughout the past years, AFTA has also made many proposed business possible, such as the win-win cooperation with Coca Cola, which allowed Coca Cola to deliver its products with PULLMAN tricycles. At the same time, PULLMAN became a household brand in Egypt.
However, the born of AFTA is not just pursuing profits; we are dedicated to corporate social responsibility since the first day of establishment. Following Prof. Yunus's three Zeros goals, including zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero carbon emissions, we have been shifting from the paradigm of gas-driven to all electric power source-- electric tricycles.
The new era of new tourism and new markets has come. AFTA, with the brand of PULLMAN, will play the role of leading electric tricycles locally and globally.

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1. Slogan: PULLMAN driving for your life! We do care and care for all!

2. Product Concept:
Multi-function for any purposes or applications by adopting the spitirt of Taiwan's Buffalo, which is capable of heavy-loading with no complaining.

3. Product Functions:
(1) Women In Power: Women second career startups
(2) We Do Care: Zero poverty
(3) Motor Africa: Zero unemployment
(4) ESG Mission: Zero carbon emissions

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