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About Company

About T&G
T&G was founded by a diligent and professional team which has been in packaging industry for years. T&G is a Taiwanese packaging machinery brand, whose goal is to provide better solutions for customers.
Named Team Generation as a teamwork generation, T&G offer powerful and complete service group to customers.
T&G always tries to simplify operation and keep improvement. We have a series of high-quality products. Our mission is to design innovational packing machines with user-friendly interface.

Why T&G
T&G uses spare parts which are made in Taiwan yet renowned globally to make stable, high performance and mass productive products. We offer outstanding service to satisfy customer needs.

All products, from R&D to design and manufacture, are done within the factory. We offer Turnkey Solution OEM/ODM services. All production procedures are proceeded in Taiwan, including R&D. The most important components are made by our own CNC lathe and milling machines. T&G integrate spare parts processing and machine manufacturing to make vertical integration.

T&G, your best choice of packing machines!

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Product Info

1. Slogan: To design innovational packing machines with user-friendly interface.

2. Product Concept:
Uniqueness: Stability, Simple interface, Innovative design, diverse products, Quick line exchange
Field of Application
(1)New production line: Turnkey Solution & Customized machine
(2)existing production line: Integration and improvement
(3)Customized projects according to various products and requirements.
(4)Cost-saving solutions for small-scale production

3. Product Functions:
(1)Rinser: Air-rinsing and Water-rinsing are available.
(2)Filler: Apply suitable filling methods for different properties and volume of liquids.
(3)Capper: For common round screw caps and other kinds of caps.
(4)Labeler: Many labeling models are applicable for various products with different shapes, materials, label sizes and labeling position.
(5)Liquid contact parts made of 316L stainless steel, food grade silicone tube / wire hose, Teflon. Main structure is made of #304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy to meet the high sanitary demands for food and pharmaceutical industries.
(6)Japan Mitsubishi PLC and colorful touch screen (HMI) are applied for most models. Digitalized control system provides precise setting and intuitive operation.
(7)Servomotors are used in most models. The time and speed settings can be entered from HMI touch screen to save time and cost.
(8)Multi-packing equipment: bottle rinsers, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, friction feeders, leak tester, optical inspection system, printing equipment series, foil sealer, facial mask planishing machine, printing machines, and quick-changeover interlocking conveyor guide rail, etc.
(9)R&D and manufactured in Taiwan. Precise processing and continuous R&D. Lots of products are patented with the highest quality.
(10)Adopt spare parts from well-known factories domestic and abroad. The machines are designed to use for a long time.
(11)The core components are made by our own CNC lathe and milling machines to monitor the quality and delivery date.
(12)Tool-free adjustment design to modulate or tear apart most of the machine manually
(13)Offer low cost solution with small-volume, large-variety production
(14)Customized machinery to meet customers’ packing needs

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