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Do the best make your family better.

Our company was established in 1969 in Taiwan and has specialized in the manufacturing of high-performance aluminium acoustic windows & doors, curtain walls, blinds and big glasses doors for more than 50 years and got Germany IF design award as well. We are a leading company and well-known good quality company in Taiwan and you may see our TV commercial advertising from https://youtu.be/IlPgENnxvoo or surf our Japan OEM customer’s video from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHGhpg9e8co for more information about our products there. Our products have green building materials certificated and you may surf https://youtu.be/OVbMLc6FCCk for more information there.

Our company also has OEM/ODM Aluminum extrusion profiles(materials number of title 6 series) for customers for more than 50 years as well. We have an automatic extrusion machine with a one-stop manufacturing process to do extrusion profiles, cutting, drilling, CNC, powder coating(or anodizing or fluorocarbon coating) for Sports & Leisure Equipment(treadmill, slot wall..etc), Motorcycle, Bicycles, Computer radiator and Semiconductor equipment’s rail….etc all

Product Info

1. Slogan: Do the best make your family better. 

2. Product Concept:
Our company is engaged in the manufacture of aluminum extrusion、door and window products for more than 50 years. In order to conform to the trend of the market and manufacture high-quality products, we well-planned in the equipment renewal and purchased inspection equipment. In order to develop the advanced technology for building materials and industrial aluminum extrusion, we recruited professional talents at home and abroad. We look forward to providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality services and being a sustainable business.

3. Product Functions :
• Window frame thickness has 8cm and 10cm two different sizes
• Enhanced aluminum structure design
• Waterproof design at inner and outer frame joints area
• Outer top frame have wind resistance design and have anti-theft function
• Ladder gradient design can guide out and drainage the water very effective
• Water cut-off design can effectively drain water immediately and avoid rainwater infiltration caused by accumulated water
• Outer frame have anti-collision design to avoid hand injuries when pulling window
• High level of air tightness, water tightness, wind resistance and sound insulation.
• Green building materials certificated.

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